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Human minds work in a very simple way. If a customer is confused, they simply won’t buy. Without having a clear brand identity and offer, you can’t generate enough leads to run a sustainable business.

Before you take the first step, you should know that making money isn’t easy. But you won’t be alone on this journey.

When I started my first business, it took us years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to finally figure out how to get to 7-figures. What we learned turned out to be priceless, and we have now applied the exact same formula to help over 250 businesses scale like never before.

At the beginning of my career, I hired coaches thinking their “quick fixes” would be all I needed. As it turned out, their strategies weren’t flexible at all, and when one factor changed, the whole idea fell to pieces. 

Because of that, we will not only teach you how to grow your business today but will also give you all the tools you need to thrive later, using the same tactics, even when the business landscape changes.

Let me ask you a few questions...
Clarity is an absolute must if you want to scale your business. 

If a potential customer does not have a clear idea what you do, what you offer, and how you can help them, they won't buy from you. 

Today, buying is all about experiences. If your customers’ journey is flawed, they will rarely get to the end.
If you asked them to describe your brand using just 5 words, do you think the answer would be similar to what you have in mind? 

What if you asked them to specify what you offer and how is your business different from the competition?

Bottom line is, if you don't have a clear message, brand and offer, you will struggle to get leads and you will struggle to get clients. 

Your online presence is a great tool for lead generation. 

If you do it well, you should see new people flowing in constantly. 

If that isn’t the case, chances are there is something wrong with the process. 
After coaching hundreds of people, I can now say that most of the time, the answer is the same, and that is CLARITY. 

You simply can’t have one without the other, and if you want to scale your business, you need to take care of the foundations first.

Think about it... 

If you are struggling to converting people in the DMS to a phone conversation... They don't have a clear understanding on why they should waste their time.

If you have ads going and aren't getting click throughs and leads... your ad and landing page is not clear on how you can help them. 

If you are putting out a ton of content but aren't getting leads flowing for free... your content is not clear on how you are the solution to their problem. 

Every problem you have leads to one thing... lack of CLARITY. 
Having a huge number of leads isn’t enough if they aren't turning into paying clients. 

Of all the people you would consider leads, how many of them end up paying? 

If your leads aren't converting into sales calls and aren't converting into sales, you have a problem. 
This brings us to another reason why clarity is so important. 

Although you know how to get leads, if they are not turning into sales,  you do not made it CLEAR on how you can solve their problems. 


But what if you aren’t sure about the answers? 
That is perfectly OK. Sometimes, it is hard for us to look objectively at the things we have created ourselves. 

If that is the case, let me help you assess the strength of your brand.
Throughout the years, I have had a chance to coach hundreds of entrepreneurs after reviewing what their business needs the most. 

In order to become better, you first need to know what to fix. 

The first step always begins with an examination, and then the rest is history.

Because not many people decide to take the first step to becoming an entrepreneur, there are many myths surrounding this topic, many of which come from people who have never even run a company.

How many followers do you need to make a good living? Is it 10, 50, or maybe 100 thousand? The truth is, there is no fixed number as everything depends on what you sell.
If you charge $10 for a product or service you offer, you will naturally need more followers to make 6- or 7-figures, and even if you did have them, you might not have enough time to serve them all. So, what is the solution?
High-ticket sales are, by definition, those that cost the client more than $1,000 for a single purchase. The higher the price, the fewer followers you will need to grow your business. 

When faced with the idea of charging more for what they have to offer, many people quit, thinking it simply isn’t worth the money. While today your product or service might not fall into the high-ticket zone, it doesn’t mean you can’t change it.
Whether it is by offering more value or slightly changing the offer, there is always a way to ask for more after making proper adjustments to explain the price rise.
This is something more than just a myth. But that is simply wrong. Developing a product or service that is nothing like what is available on the market today is very time- and money-consuming and extremely prone to failures. It is something that big companies do, but you rarely hear about it because most of the time, they fail miserably.

Humans don’t like novelty. Instead, they prefer something familiar to them with a twist that they had never seen before. It is not only much easier to do for us as entrepreneurs but also more effective.
Doing something for the first time, whether it is speaking a language, picking up a sport, or learning a new skill, you naturally don’t know much, and that is because you are a beginner.
Still, many people decide to dive into business thinking they can get it done all by themselves, even though they had barely read any book on running a company, let alone tried it in real life.
When it comes to starting or scaling any business, there are 3 main paths people take.
Path #1: Spend half a decade trying to figure it out yourself
It is something I fell victim to myself and regret to this day. Spending enormous amounts of time and money trying to find a solution that you don’t even know is there can be the most intimidating thing on the planet.
If you think you can find the way the very first time doing something, congratulations, you might as well be one of the 100 luckiest people on the planet. In this case, instead of starting a business, I would recommend you buy a lottery ticket with the chances of winning it being higher than building a 6-figure company from the ground up all alone with no prior experience.
Path #2: Outsource it 
Here is a no-brainer. If you don’t know how to do something, simply hire somebody to do it for you. Then, pay their salary and secure the difference for yourself. Makes sense, right? Well, not quite.
If you wanted to start a business using other people’s expertise, you would need a lot of capital to make the initial investment. The better those people are, the more money they will ask for, and you will never be able to break free from them again. Unless you have a million dollars laying around, this solution should never appear on your list.

Path #3: Hire a coach who has done it
Just as if you would hire a tutor to teach you a foreign language or a professional athlete to teach you a sport, business coaches are here to make this process easier for you. They share their own experience of what works well and what doesn’t so that you don’t make the same mistakes they once did.
Most of them have a proven history of success not only with the companies they have built themselves but also of their students who have scaled their businesses and live the lives once limited only to the lucky few. But not anymore.


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